ashley demarzo

I was born in Santa Ana, CA in ‘93 then raised between Costa Mesa, CA and my birthplace. The answer to your question is yes, ‘93 til infinity​ is​ one of my favorite songs. There are six children in my family from oldest to youngest, including myself: Joshua, Ashley, Josiah, Sophia, Luke, and Christian. What fills me with joy is laughing with my sibs until we cry. Seeing them pursue their passions and what makes them smile leaves my heart singing.

Water is my favorite element along with the activities associated- drinking it, swimming, surfing, hiking near lakes or rivers, and it was only natural that I began to play water polo in middle school. I feel the water’s energy and it revives me. There is nothing like a hot sunny day, jumping into the ocean and surfing for hours until the sun is setting, or sitting on the warm sand with my eyes closed listening to the ocean’s voice as I meditate. Can you hear it? Have you ever tried? Learning these qualities of myself has been a journey and it continues to be daily.

I used substances and deceit as a way of escape, but I didn’t know what I was escaping from.. Through my story of juvenile delinquency with drugs, owning my sexuality, and discovering my true femininity- I dream to inspire others to have the courage to live life as themselves through intention, faith, communication, and action. What does your dream life look like?

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