heathyr lawrence

Fashion is my passion. I communicate best visually, not so much with words…


My mom taught me how to use the sewing machine at the age of 9, that's when I started making clothes. Not that they were wearable then… but I wore them proudly ;)


My parents divorced when I was 12, mom moved us to Corona Del Mar. Money was tight. All the girls in school had beautiful clothes. I remember wanting a Laura Ashley dress so bad, but they were too expensive. So I decided to make my own. I made the pattern out of paper grocery bags by taping them all together. A white top sheet for the fabric. And whatever lace my mom had in her trim bag. I loved that dress!


Looking back at these times, I realize now that this is what shaped me into the designer/creator I am today. 


Always start from where you are, use what you have and beautiful things can & will be created.


If you can think it you can make it.

Meow =^,^=

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