jessica Swift

Born and raised in Newport Beach, CA and with family centered around Carmel, CA, my life has consistently moved between hot beach days to foggy Redwoods. I love anything creative - from sewing handbags with vintage textiles to sell at local boutiques, to making movies for my neighborhood featuring each summer’s adventures. I am also passionate about various social issues and have since gotten my degree in Women’s and Gender Studies. I love animals, good Mexican food, red lipstick, lavender and true crime documentaries. 


Throughout the majority of my life, I have struggled with chronic illness, anxiety and the issues that follow those circumstances. After years of misdiagnosis, I finally discovered that I have Lyme Disease and other co-infections, which sparked my journey of learning and healing. I have been treated by some of the top Lyme Disease Specialists in the world, to some of the most legendary healers working out of their garage. I have gone from dropping out of school, being bed-ridden and unable to speak to graduating college and even hiking! Although much of my life has been understood through a lens of chronic illness, it has never defined me. I am eager to share my enormous amount of knowledge surrounding health and wellness, as well as the intricacies of shaping self-identity and how that relates to the modern world.

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