Jody Mink Elliott

 I grew up in Carmel Valley, California with exceptionally loving and balanced parents, with two sisters, and a brother. We had a really good childhood and we are a very close family. When my younger sister died at 34 years old we came together as a family. That was a pivotal time in my life; learning to live through the heart, feeling the feelings, and trusting the process. I also learned a lot about how the mind can play havoc on the body. I've had many losses in my life and they have had a big impact on how I live my life. As a hospice nurse I see this also and I have learned that we have to do what we want to do in life now. We've got to try new things when the opportunity comes, we've got to be kind and accepting, advocate for those that need it, help them find their voice. We have to honor our inside world as much as our outside world. We need to take good care of our bodies with health, wellness, and movement. We need to love as much as possible, love the people who love us, love strangers, love nature, and the awe-inspiring earth we live on. As I continue to learn these lessons over and over again, I am changing some patterns in my life; my occasional walks by the ocean, have now become a habit of daily sunrise walks by the ocean. I have now been vegan for the past 13 years and am always finding new recipes to try and to share. I am also just starting my End of Life Doula work.


What I hope is that I can inspire you in a very human way. To have an openness to explore new things or try new ways of thinking. Life is ever changing, and so are we. We don't have to be stuck where we are at, we can find new ways. There is love and support out there and what is directly in front of us isn't always the lesson, but what’s behind it, is. We grow from despair. We grow from love and loss. We grow.

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