Kelly grace swift

I grew up riding horses in Carmel Valley and picnicking on the weekends in Big Sur while listening to Carol King and James Taylor. My mother was an event planner in the 80’s and my father was a land developer, so designing experiences that make people feel special and creating beauty in our everyday world is genetic. Not only that - but my father (the grandkids call him “Poppy”) definitely passed on his quirky, dry humor. I love making people laugh with my stories of what we call “Kelly-isms,” which is just basically me having unexplainable situations arise that you seriously cannot make up. I would categorize myself as being very social - on a day to day basis you can catch me driving around town stopping to chat with everyone, while my dog, Maggie Mae, sits in the passenger seat smiling ear to ear. I adore going anywhere with a fun ambience, I’m always aiming to wear vintage and I’m the type of person who starts listening to Christmas music the moment a Fall leaf drops.


Admittedly, my life is not always as magical as I try to create for others. In one word, I would describe my romantic relationships in life as: unsuccessful. Dating after divorce with two kids and a new business can be chaotic! Not only that, but about five years ago I surrendered to my alcoholism and have since designed a new life for myself with my sobriety being the most important. I have found that the antidote to my alcoholism is connection. I hope to relate to others in the realm of recovery, inspire people to spark their creativity and just laugh about the idiosyncrasies of life. 

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