Kerri ramirez

Growing up I rode motorcycles, had camper adventures, climbed trees, soccer, skateboarded and my pogo stick! I think these experiences allow me to tap into the gentle but somewhat feisty warrior spirit when life calls for it. I also love water! Everything about it. The way it looks, the feel, the sounds, and the wondrous power nature has. Growing up with a pool I was a little mermaid. Today I get my water fix at the beach or the river, both of which are in my backyard. My perfect day is spending water time with my Husband, two teenagers and the fur babies! If we can add wonderful majestic redwoods to the mix I am in heaven. Speaking of fur babies - Animals hold a very special place in my heart. Love the animals! Sea turtles, elephants, dogs, horses, cats, big and small, donkeys, birds, dolphins, whales, sloths, and it goes on. I am also a huge fan of  the adventures and new connections traveling brings. I am grateful for the beautiful soul-sister connections that have been made over the past 5 years. Turns out I have a bit of a wandering gypsy spirit. Can you say Wanderlust?


Starting in High School, I started experiencing feelings of anxiety and by the time I started college, anxiety was having an impact on my daily life. When I became a Mom, my anxiety began affecting the two little loves of my life. They saw Mom often had trouble going through the grocery store line or sit with them at the movie theater. There were times it was difficult to be in my own skin. Amidst my struggles with anxiety, my son was also beginning to experience digestive issues, that turned into a serious health condition. As parents we felt helpless and worried. Thankfully, a friend introduced me to the world of healing essential oils. It allowed us the answers we were searching for him at that time and now.  In this essential oil exploration, there was an unexpected side benefit for me. I found the essential oils gave me the gift to manage my feelings of anxiousness. Now, I am a heart-centered entrepreneur! Manifesting, dreaming, connection, Sisterhood, and uplifting others makes my heart sing. My intention is to bring laughter, a touch of silliness, and play into my work. My motto is, “Having fun and getting it done”! It is truly about the art of balancing. I dreamt of the lifestyle I have now and for many years and until recently I didn’t think it could be possible. I am so grateful for these answers and am passionate about sharing my family's experiences with you. There is a bit of magic that happens watching someone inhale their first pure essential oil and being allowed to be a part of their overall health journey.

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