mark cohan

I had two childhoods, the first one started when I was born to very wealthy pioneering parents in the broadcasting industry. After my mom retired, my second childhood started in rural Magnet Cove, Arkansas when we moved back to the farm that she grew up on. The first phase, we had hired help, fancy parties, and staff were paid to look after me and my siblings. The second phase was arriving in Arkansas at nine years old, as a carefree kid on a farm fishing in ponds, swimming in rivers, and riding horses and motorcycles all around the countryside. I was the Daredevil in the family. How can I go higher, faster or farther? I never passed up a dare. I am also the most curious person I have ever met. I am fascinated by people and their stories, what they do, what they love, what they fear and what motivates them. In a room full of strangers I will know everybody's life story by the time I leave, which is probably why I ultimately settled on a career selling real estate because I get to talk to different people everyday and learn their stories, hopes, and struggles. I like to be the person who helps them achieve their goal or solve a problem when it comes to real estate. 


What I am most passionate about is being a healthy role model for my four boys: Zachary, Spencer, Connor and Dylan. My goal is to inspire them and others to live passionate and adventurous lives filled with compassion, being in service to others, willingness to be radically vulnerable and to become fully who they are meant to be- courageously and unapologetically. I do this by living that way... vulnerable and courageous. By showing you my hopes, dreams and fears, I hope to inspire you to become fully who you are and to create the safety for you to try the things that you are uncomfortable with. Some of the ways I put myself out there is that I love to cook for others, I love to create art with my photography, and I am continuing on with my sense of adventure. (For example, my intention is to complete my flight training and have my pilot's license by the end of 2020!)


How I got to this place was a beautiful gift in very ugly wrapping- My divorce. At the beginning of my divorce, I was so devastated I had lost my will to live and had planned every step of my suicide. I was desperate for the pain to stop and I am so fortunate to have had a life-altering conversation with a man from The Mankind Project. And so began my journey into learning about my emotions, the archetypes of the king, warrior, lover, and magician, and how they can be healthy or destructive. I also learned about true accountability and integrity. Now, I am a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser. I spent my entire life trying to make every other person in the world happy- my mom, my wife, my kids, my friends- and I never once stopped to contemplate what it was that truly made me happy. I have never been more content with who I am. I still have plenty of work to do and I am clear about my purpose. My life's mission is to create a passionate, adventurous world where people feel safe to explore their passions and desires and live the adventurous life they were meant to. I do this by recognizing the beauty in others and being radically vulnerable in sharing my gifts.

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