A Cappy Kinda Day

Last night wasn't too good. Lloyd was up a lot. I could tell the thing he wears on his head was hurting him, waking him up. It's really bad for me too when he's restless, especially when it's cold. You see, I get under the covers right next to his chest, he fixes 'em over me so just my head, and most important my ears, aren't underneath stuff. It drives me nuts having something over my ears. If you were a cat, you'd understand. Our ears point up and just like our nose, are really, and I mean really, sensitive. It hurts when covers are smashing them and it tickles like big time if somebody touches the little hairs inside our ears. Of course the other problem is that when it's cold, my ears get really, and I mean really, cold. But cold ears are better than smashed ears. So last night, every time Lloyd got up, he pulled the covers back, undid the wires and stuff connected to that thing he carries around all the time, and meanwhile I'm just trying to get my sleep. And worrying about him.

The good news is that I scored big time on snacks. I think last night might have been a record, if I do say so myself! Four helpings of dry food AND a nice serving of my fave, next to tuna of course...canned duck and pea, mm mmm mmmmm.

For some crazy reason he set his alarm really, and I mean really, early. When he got up and raised the blinds, it was pitch black outside. He was telling me something about his bike. Still thinks he is a kid I think, he gets all excited when he is going to take a ride. He had made himself some eggs before he went to bed so when I was supervising this morning from my scratching pad he tossed the plate of eggs and some potatoes in the microwave while he was taking all of his vitamins and supplements. I even got a brushing while things were heating up, probably my favorite thing in the world, you know, brushings. Especially around my mane and along my back and down my haunches. Nothing better! Right after that I could barely keep my eyes open. He had piled pillows up at the head of the bed and I claimed the top one.

When he was getting all of his bike gear on I watched with one eye for a minute or so, but couldn't stay awake. Next thing I knew, he was back from his ride, taking off his shoes and chattering to me. There was wonderful golden sunlight warming all the fur on my back and a big long stretch was in order. Right up there with getting brushed, for a cat, is a really good stretch. I recommend them. He was getting clothes out of the closet and from the next room, talking into his little phone, it was dinging. He turned on the heater in the bathroom (right up with sunshine on you, it's pretty wonderful finding just the right spot in front of it) and as usual spent forever brushing his teeth, then all the other stuff he does.

I usually assist with all of this so I can get extra pets and sometimes a drink from the faucet. I went and helped for a couple of minutes, but I was still wiped out.

He left all dressed up for church before I knew it. Finally. Got some good snoozing. He even left me a snack in my bowl.

I picked him, you know. Lloyd. It was a few months after his divorce I've since learned, 2011. He was at Animal Friends Rescue Project in Pacific Grove. He had come there determined to take home this Maine Coon on the cat tree across from my cage. Seems he had owned a Maine Coon before, loved it dearly, she followed him everywhere and was fiercely loyal. Turns out the Maine Coon at AFRP wasn't anything like his Dora. It was mean, didn't trust anyone or any other kitty. I felt sorry for it. Lloyd picked up and petted several of the cats that were all around him that day, and as I watched I could tell he was sad that there didn't seem like any connection with any of them. I could also tell he was kind, and gentle. Then, he sat down on a stool, right below my cage! Cats all around were mewing and trying to show off. I quietly got down, right in the front of my cage, and put my left paw out through the bars and rested it on his shoulder. He looked around at it, then into my eyes. I just looked back right into his. He slowly got up and went to the front desk, asking if it was all right to take me out of the cage. Next thing, I was curling up in his lap. He took me home. I've been with him through several moves, a few girl friends, so many summers and winters, and now along with him as he deals with cancer. Sometimes he yells at me if I steal chicken off of his dinner plate or feel the need for running and jumping and meowing in the middle of the night. But he tells me he knows I'm just being a cat and that he's glad that I am a happy kitty. I am. I am safe and loved and I try to show him he is, too. Seems like I can tell when he is feeling especially alone, or afraid or sad. That isn't very often, but I kind of make a pest of myself staying very close to him in those times. It's always good when he is playing music (I can even stand it when he plays high notes on his saxophone now) or working on a project or, the best, visiting with his nurse or other people who come by. He comes alive then. And I love giving everyone attention! Well, only because then I get attention back. But I'm getting sidetracked. Back to Sunday.

I kept dozing for a while, once he put on a warm shirt and went over a bunch of scales and exercises on his alto.

It was tempting to sneak into the case, just the right size for napping, but he would give me a big lecture about cat hair and how it messes up his horn. A little later those two really nice ladies, Kelly and Jessica, definitely cat people I might add, came over to help him on his computer. I supervised everything and felt lots of nice warm energy and it was neat hearing laughter.

They stayed for a while and I'm almost sure Kelly said our house was a good place for naps. Smart lady. I can think of at least 20 spots around the house that are perfect for naps!

Speaking of naps, once Kelly and Jess said good-bye, Lloyd was tired. He has to get naps almost every day. He made himself a spinach salad with tuna and capers and dill and one of his do-it-yourself dressings, listening to his audiobook. I scored on tuna leftovers in the can. Ohhhhh my!! He laid down and after my snack I jumped up on the bed and we were both out in under two minutes.

He woke up I think an hour or so later, and scratched around my ears. He made sure I was still cozy and collected colors for the wash, like his workout and bike clothes and polos and socks. I think he had a snack, probably his favorite, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And I smelled coffee. Then he was picking gym stuff out of the closet. It was practically dark already! Lloyd was chattering again, said he was feeling good and wanted to get in some back and shoulders. I tried to convince him with my expression and extra loud purring that it would be a lot more sensible getting another nap. I even stretched out on his gym bag! No effect.

He gets like that. Like he wants to keep moving, keep pushing himself, at least when he feels good.

For some reason I got the big-time lonelies when he was gone that night. It was dark, really cold, I knew he would be walking back all the way up the hills from the gym. Times like that I can't help but get the meows. I meow and meow 'till I sound like a Siamese, scratchy and edgy. I went from window to window, then curled up on the mat just inside the front door waiting, even though it's drafty. He was gone for what seemed like forever.

But then I could see him through the etched glass in the door. I couldn't help meowing really loud. Oh my gosh I felt like a kitten I was all excited and emotional and sad and glad all at once! He came in and I helped untie his shoes, climbing all over them and rubbing on his ankles. He was smiling and his hands were cold but he picked me up and everything was okay.

He told me I was a very brave girl, carried me over to the back of the couch, told Alexa to play some music from Lord of the Rings for us. I was so happy! He brought the basket of yummy warm clothes just out of the dryer over and dumped them on the couch right underneath where I was. OK so besides brushing, naps and tuna, warm laundry has to be right up there with Nirvana.

Yep I was in the middle of it in a second. Ahh, the life! He laughed at me while he tried to fold everything. I was doing my best to be as cute as possible. Yup, I've got him wrapped around my little paw.

But he was on some kind of energy spurt, put everything away after he folded it in the basket and set me back up on the back of the couch again. I think I went right back to sleep while he was over fixing his dinner.

He sat right in front of me watching a movie a little bit later. I rested my paw on his shoulder. It was a really good day.

He helped me write this the next day. This was like work having to write especially when I was trying to get a nap!

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