Egg Drop Soup: An Easy, Budget Friendly Recipe

Serves 4, Prep: 5 Minutes, Cook: 10 Minutes

EGG DROP SOUP is a healthy, Chinese, broth based soup made with eggs, chicken broth, cornstarch, and green onions. If you're looking for a healthy, warm, easy, soup this recipe is for you!

You will be surprised at how easy it is to make. Faster than making chicken noodle soup, this soup might become your new staple recipe. EGG DROP SOUP is very low calorie and packed with protein! One bowl (about 1 cup) is only 71 calories.

Currently, I’m at home quarantined with the rest of the world, due to the Corona Virus, COVID-19. In stressful times we crave comfort food and nothing says comfort food more than piping hot soup!

Going stir crazy comes in waves depending on the weather and our planned intentions or 'not' for the day. Our entire family is piled into the house on this cold and rainy week doing our best to manage our uneasy feelings. It seems ominous at times with so much uncertainty of what’s to come.

To keep busy we talk a lot about what we want to eat throughout the day. It keeps us entertained looking at recipes, discussing recipes, cooking recipes, eating, and cleaning up. It helps the days pass and keeps us healthy at the same time. Cooking helps our creative juices flowing and our taste buds happy. Preparing comfort food for our loved ones just seems to feel good during these most trying of times. And soup, well it soothes the tummy and the soul and makes everything feel warm and fuzzy, even if for just a moment. The aroma of hot chicken broth, ginger and the other spices permeates throughout the house giving us the feeling of normalcy during a time that is so unpredictable and so not normal.

This recipe is healthy, quick and easy to make. Your pantry is most likely already stocked with these simple ingredients. They are inexpensive ingredients which qualifies this as a budget friendly meal for those times just like now when we need to be watching our pennies.

With so many people feeling the pressure of unemployment now with no relief in sight for the weeks to come, soup is a good choice because it will stretch your money further. With this soup needing just a handful of ingredients it can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. It is actually pretty kid friendly too. Get them involved in cleaning the onions, cracking the eggs, whisking the eggs, stirring the cold ingredients and adding in the green onions. With so much time on our hands, make this a family affair and spend this time bonding with your loved ones.

There are no shortages of recipes for Egg Drop Soup, but this is literally the easiest one out there! I’ve added the green onion, but if you’re not a lover of green onion just omit it and this soup will still be delicious! You’ll find this recipe has many variations to accommodate your crowd: Vegetarian, Meat Lover, Seafood Lover and Gluten Free. This soup also fits into the low carb category (5 grams of carbs per serving) for those of you watching your carb intake. That’s what I love about this recipe. Adapt it anyway you want or serve it as is.

This week we found ourselves making this soup two days in a row because it was such a crowd favorite. My sister made the first batch with no cornstarch and it was delicious. The following day I prepared it with the cornstarch for the classic Chinese authentic Egg Drop Soup and we devoured it. Both versions were wonderful.

So sit back, get cozy in your leggings and sweatshirt, or your pj’s and slippers (your quarantine comfy’s), in front of a crackling fire, a good movie on Netflix and enjoy a piping hot, cozy bowl of Egg Drop Soup! PF Chang’s may be down the street, but while everything is on lock down, there is no need to go without your favorite Chinese soup!

Sending prayers to all those who have lost their lives and are fighting for their lives, the ones on the front lines and to all those struggling from the down fall of our economy during this crisis. God speed.

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