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Updated: Dec 11, 2019

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”. Little did I know when I first heard this John Lennon quote as a teenager, how monumentally profound those few words really were.

I was born an Empath, Clairsentient (Clear-knowing, as if the answers were already inside of me) and Clairvoyant Intuitive into a long line of Intuitives and Healers on my Mother’s side. My earliest memories were that I felt EVERYTHING and knew things I didn’t know how I knew… I felt the pain people were in, lies they told themselves and others and seemingly random, info. I cried at movies where people and animals were hurt or killed, not just because of the sad storyline, but I could actually feel what they were experiencing. Because of that I was a quiet, withdrawn, shy little kid and tween. But as dear old John had said, Life definitely was happening while I was out planning other adventures….

Raised in Santa Clara Valley, CA long before it was dubbed Silicon Valley, my friends and I used to call it ‘Eden’ because of the gorgeous weather, abundance of fresh fruits and veggies and wonderful, loving people. We were a modest, middle-class family with a strong sense of values and work ethic. From the time I was 12 I worked — babysitting, sewing clothes for myself and others, tutoring/mentoring younger kids, teaching Sunday School at Church and being the shoulder all my friends cried on.

Even in Junior High, I was a voracious reader of all things spiritual, as was my mother. Spiritually I had the ‘best of both worlds’ - we would go to Church every Sunday, and the rest of the week Mom and I would sit for hours discussing spiritual subjects: comparative religions, different aspects of healing, Intuition, and even eating holistically long before it was the “cool thing to do”. This gave me a strong sense of/connection to God and my Angels, that carried me through many hardships in my life.

I was truly blessed to have chosen a mother who was able to guide me through my spiritual path at a very young age. All through High School most of my dreams were prophetic, and my sense of the world around me grew deeper as I matured. (BTW… Yes, we DO choose our parents, date of birth, and other particulars before we incarnate. It sets up the stage for what we have come here in this lifetime to learn - then once we are plunked down on that stage, free-will kicks in and we get to make our life choices from there on.)

I had to put myself through college, working in Tech Firms full-time swing-shift while attending college full-time. After graduating as an Interior Designer with a minor in Psychology, I opened my own Design business. I loved the creative expression of Design and I was delighted to envision environments for my clients that they didn’t even know they wanted.

As much as my heart was in Design, I had a longing for something deeper – my Spiritual side was ever growing and absolutely could not be denied. I started taking as many Spiritual development classes as I could find, along with becoming a Master NLP Trainer (NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming focuses on how people communicate and how to resolve interpersonal conflicts, and so much more…), Color Therapy, Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui, Tarot, Nutrition/Holistic Health, Indigenous Traditions, Crystals, Past Lives, Quantum Physics, Time Travel and UFO Phenomenon - you name it, I looked into it. I deeply studied what I was truly drawn to and acknowledged the rest.

Once my Design firm was established, I started my 4 year Ministerial Program, a journey I was drawn to early on. I was Ordained a Reverend; licensed to Marry, Baptize, preside over Memorials/Funerals and Teach/Counsel. As a Metaphysical Reverend, I studied all the different World Religions, was allowed to use my Intuition in my work to guide my clients, and because of that broad-based approach, I’ve been able to help so many people and animals with a myriad of issues/problems. I use my Intuition daily, and my Ministry is the umbrella under which I do everything else. They are separate, but intricately interwoven.

I’m so proud to say March 2019 was the 33rd Anniversary of my Ordination. Because I knew a Spiritual life was the one I came here for, I sold my Design firm in 1990. I can’t say I’ve never looked back, because I did love the creation side of it and working with so many wonderful people. However the 90% non-creative side of Design that is ordering, bookwork, babysitting work-crews, herding cats/troubleshooting, etc., I didn’t mind blessing and releasing.

My spiritual practice has taken me in so many amazing directions, but what’s nearest and dearest to my heart, is the HEART. I love helping people create the life and love of their dreams. Regardless of whatever someone comes to see me about, the work usually begins or ends with L-O-V-E. Remember I said I could feel everything… It always amazed me that something as beautiful, Universal, sought after and exulted brings so much pain to so many people! I knew that was a big part of the work that I needed to do — help people create fabulous Love Relationships. Was I qualified to do that? Absolutely! Even though my parents were not the epitome of a good relationship, got divorced for 8-years, and remarried my first year in college; through their pain and growth, they turned into the most adorable, loving example of an ideal relationship. So with my life experience, education and intuition, I knew what felt right in a relationship and how to create that. My husband Robert, my Soulmate, Heart of my Heart, and I just celebrated our 24th Wedding Anniversary. He is everything I teach people to look for in a partner and have been told so many times that they wished they had a relationship like we do. I usually reply with, “I can help you with that!”

Thanks to one of my clients, I was invited to be a weekly guest on SF K101’s Friday night “For Lovers Only” program. They were the ones who dubbed me “The Love Psychic,” and due to the huge Bay Area audience, my practice exploded! Concurrently, my own radio program, “Love Talk with Tana Marie,” allowed me to present my own work and reach a large audience for many years.

So has my life been a bowl of cherries? Absolutely not! Here’s a little synopsis of some of my triumphs and tragedies / pleasure and pain - LIFE doing its job on me…

I found True Love early - my senior year in high school. Timmy was my Twin Flame and we were together, without being married, for 17 years. That ended when a driver broadsided him in a horrible car accident. I then had to say goodbye to my first love… Because of my strong Spiritual foundation, I was able to understand there’s a reason he had to leave us so early. It’s not that I wasn’t angry as hell, but knowing Timmy was safe and happy on the Other Side gave me peace and solace. I also believed that God does not leave us stranded, I knew in my heart that Spirit would send my Soul Mate when I was ready.

Six years later, I met the Love of my Life, Robert. I was ecstatic to introduce him to my Mom and Dad, who instantly recognized him as Soul Family. They loved him as much as I did.

But just three short years later, both of my parents passed away the week Robert and I got married. Sublime pleasure and indescribable pain… having to tell my Sicilian Father, the night that my Mother passed, that he could not walk me down the aisle because he had become too frail to make the trip - I will never forget the look of abject sadness in his eyes as I spoke the words. We had to put him in Hospice in Portland, while the rest of the family came down to Santa Clara for the Wedding. I delivered the Memorial for my Mother, scattered her ashes, and then drove over to the Wedding venue and had our rehearsal…the following night, the night of our Wedding, with a gorgeous Blue Moon, my father passed away. Surreal is a monumental understatement.

When people asked me how I loved being married, I would respond “ask me in a year”…

Healing from that experience took time. I thank God everyday for sending Robert to me, because he was indescribably amazing through it all! To help myself heal, I did my Spiritual practices everyday, especially forgiving my parents for leaving me at the happiest time of my life, forgiving myself for my anger, and beginning and ending everyday with gratitude for all the blessings in my life. Finally enjoying a wonderful marriage with Robert, having a successful radio presence, book tours, speaking engagements, and other amazing accomplishments — I was ecstatic with how amazing our life was and looked forward to what else the Universe had in store.

Then LIFE happened again – One night a jolt of searing pain woke me up. I was rushed to the Hospital and underwent Emergency Abdominal Surgery for a large benign Tumor that no one had noticed. Because the first Surgeon did such a horrific job, it began a series of five surgeries, ruptured Appendix, Diverticulosis, and six hospital stays in five years to fix the damage. The surgeries were atrocious, and recovery was even worse. For all those years I was either having surgery, in ICU, or convalescing. I remember laying in the recliner in our bedroom because I wasn’t able to get in and out of bed, screaming at God and my Guides/Angels, “This is NOT the best use of my time or talents Lord! What a colossal waste of time!! There are so many people that need help! I did not sign up for this!!” I’m sure God was smiling…

During the surgery sojourn I died three different times and had amazing near death experiences where I was in the Light - experiences that are indescribable, except to say it was the most sublime experience of LOVE, Joy, Beauty and Serenity. A few movies have depicted it somewhat, but it’s nothing like being there!! Each time I was given the choice whether to crossover or come back to this life. With all the physical pain I was in, staying there would have been the ‘easy answer’! If it wasn’t for my unshakable Faith, I would have just said ‘what the heck, why go back?’ but I knew my Life’s Journey wasn’t finished - still more to do. I trust God will be there through it all.

What got me through all of those major tragedies and the minor ones life threw my way, was the absolute knowing that I came here to help people in any and every way I can, and always knew things would get better. Without my strong belief and connection to my Guides/Angels/Galactics, I probably would be looking down from the Heavens right now…hopefully... (Guides are Angels that help me on a daily basis in my life and Channeling/Counseling work.) As with most journeys, what I’ve shared here is just the tip of the iceberg… I anxiously await all of the wonderful things I know lay in store for all of us!

My Blog will be a mixture of stories, time-tested advice, love tips and tools for dealing with the many aspects of life, different strategies for challenges, communication techniques and much more. I’m here to help you create Miracles & Magic in your life! Stay tuned, the journey is just beginning!

Love and Blessings to you and yours.

Rev. Tana Marie

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