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Dental hygiene is super important to me and I am consistently focused on keeping my pearly-whites, white. As an avid coffee drinker and the occasional glass of red wine, I can't help but notice my teeth yellowing or staining. I've tried store-bought teeth whitening remedies, but noticed stinging or sensitivity. With this unpleasant side effect, I felt worried that there were harmful chemicals hurting my teeth. I am always trying to be as natural and healthy as possible, so I began inquiring about all-natural teeth whitening with my dentist. When a friend told me about Moon Oral Care, I was excited about the fact that the product was made with essential oils and antioxidants. I should also add that I have a complete obsession with Activated Charcoal (it's one of my top 5 supplements to recommend). So with the words "Activated Charcoal" plastered on the front of the product, I was sold.

I won't lie, the aesthetic of the products initially pulled me in. I don't have a lot of cabinet space in my bathroom, so I like my products to look clean and stylish on my countertops and shelving. Other dental products look so medical and easily have a cluttered appearance. I loved that the Moon Oral Care was drug store priced, with an upscale look.

Between the essential oils, the sleek black and white vibe, and the Activated Charcoal - I ordered some key products and excitedly waited for their arrival!



  • I love soft bristle! If you have sensitive gums, stick to soft.

  • Surprisingly, the black handle does not get dirty looking from brushing. You would think that the toothpaste would make it splattered with white residue (ew!), but they stay clean (yay!).


  • Do not fear the black appearance, this is the activated charcoal at work! And although the color may be off-putting, the taste is pure peppermint.

  • The toothpaste is glittery... adorable.

  • The toothpaste does not stain your sink, which is amazing for us clean freaks.


  • By far my favorite product in the bunch!

  • I normally dislike the strong taste of mouthwash. Sometimes they taste like pure alcohol and other times the mint is so intense it stings. However, I know this step is so important. Moon mouthwash tastes amazing! The peppermint isn't too strong and is almost a bit sweet. I've noticed that I look forward to this in the mornings to make my mouth feel clean and calm.


  • So easy to use. I really prefer the flosser sticks to regular floss that usually hurts my fingers.

  • I feel safe using a product that is free of harmful chemicals deep in my gums!


  • My teeth are whiter! Since using the product, I've had a few people compliment how white my teeth were.

  • I like how my mouth and teeth feel. Zero plaque. And my gums seem happier! Sometimes, other products will irritate my gums and I've noticed that I haven't had that problem since starting Moon.

  • I am eager to try the Teeth Whitening Pen next! Instant teeth brightening and whitening is ideal for taking photos and big events.


Here are some interesting fun-facts about Moon Oral Care:

  • Cause Driven: Moon Oral Care supports Operation Smile, "and their mission to heal the smiles of children born with cleft lip and cleft palates around the world." I always aim to be a smart consumer and use my dollars to support a good cause, so this makes me so happy!

  • Cruelty Free & Vegan: Animal lovers unite! If a product isn't Cruelty Free these days, how are they even still in business?! I love brands that are conscious of the effects their business have on other living beings.

  • Made in the USA: Always nice to appreciate local businesses, local communities, and enhancing the economy.

Keep your smile bright, white and happy, and try Moon Oral Care!

Have you tried Moon Oral Care? Let me know about your experience in the comments below!

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