Optimizing Tips for New Years

The times, they are a changing dear friends - they're unlike anything we've ever experienced. It's as if we all bought the old Disneyland 'E' Ticket, but this one is on steroids!! Welcome to the dawning of 2020!

Right now I'm certainly not going to address anything Political (except shaking my head), Financial (there are hundreds of Financial pundits to listen to), Environmental (except my lifelong desire to help save the planet, while urging others to get involved), and not even Romantic (and you KNOW that's where my heart usually is)!

What I want to address are the major issues I have discussed with so many people lately: how to survive, how to stay sane, how to stop worrying, how to stay here, etc. A lot of 'icky stuff' is surfacing now, for everyone, in most every life category. Actually it isn't a bad thing that it's rearing it's ugly head, because the only way anything or anyone can heal is to have the unhealed issue or hidden part surface and get our attention.

The reason we are experiencing such turbulence now is because this is the prophesied time-period when everything hidden will be revealed in every arena, everywhere, worldwide. Why? Because we can't effectively heal what is hidden.

So what can aware, growth-oriented individuals do to discover what needs to be learned, and thrive, not just survive, the current energies? What I want to share with you are a few techniques to help you navigate these wild and crazy times.

TM's Sanity Recovery Program

Step 1

Honestly assess what IS in your control and what ISN'T. Most people these days are railing against what's going on, the myriad of things that are not in their control. Because so many events are NOT in our control, we have little or no power to change them. Powerlessness is the frustrating byproduct of focusing on all the dross circulating these days and buying into how helpless you 'obviously' are. You certainly are NOT helpless, but you must pick your battles, as it were.

There IS an upside to these energies my friends! It's time to start focusing on what you CAN control. Start by objectively assessing every area of your life, and decide how well you are currently manifesting, i.e. how well things are going in the areas you CAN control, can make changes to, and have power over.

Ask yourself, what do you like about your life, and what do you want to change. Focus on all your controllable items/circumstances and mold them to your liking.

Please remember, we only have the ability to observe and stay informed about that which is not under our control. It is essential NOT to allow those uncontrollable circumstances to consume you, add to the fear base, or rampant feelings of helplessness. Metaphysics 101 teaches us that what you focus on EXPANDS, whether it is under your control or not, so stop driving yourselves crazy.

Be smart. Start to focus on how you want your life to be, ask for solutions and they will be given. Focus on those solutions and implement them as you can.

Seek the appropriate help to guide you through the mouse maze of decisions facing all of us these days. If finances are impacting you, contact a good, conscious Financial Specialist. The same goes for health issues, spiritual questions, 'what do I do next?' life issues, or ANYTHING that is surfacing now.

DON'T try to go it alone! If you think you can't afford help, ask about the possibility of bartering, delayed payment, or some other means of reciprocal remuneration. This is a part of the new energies we are experiencing now and will be entering in the coming days.

Step 2

RESPOND to what is going on, DON'T REACT!

Reacting vs. responding is an interesting phenomenon. Reacting is the least effective method of handling any situation. It's usually that gut reaction against something. It is defined as: 'to act unfavorably toward or take an unfavorable attitude toward; act in opposition to.'

The reason it is ultimately ineffective is it actually creates MORE of what you DON'T want. How? When we resist something we don't want, it becomes our primary focus, and we consistently manifest out of our primary focus.

For instance, have you ever wanted NOT to run into someone, only to see them EVERYWHERE you go? How about when you're in a bad mood and EVERYONE you meet is in a worse mood? What about that maniacal song that is stuck in your head, and the more you try to NOT think about it, the louder it plays? What we RESIST PERSISTS. You may have heard that a thousand times, but it IS true!

Responding to any situation is to act in answer to it. It comes from personal power, gaining some knowledge about the situation after the initial shock has worn off, and from knowing you do have choices.

So, decide what experience you want to have. Gather your available resources; monetary, your personal support system, yours and other's knowledge and experience. You can then make a set of informed decisions based on personal power, a 'Conscious Game Plan' for now and the future.

Step 3

Time for Community, Sacred Relationships, and saying good-bye to the 'Lone Ranger' mentality.

America was built on the pioneering spirit, John Wayne/Clint Eastwood-esque moxie, and going it alone. That attitude forged a brave new world and that was what set us apart as a nation.

Now the game is changing. We MUST come together in as many ways as possible, and assure that we are in Right Relationship with every aspect of our lives. One item to note: Social Media is very useful in so many ways… but when you really need to create something new, release or change old, hurtful habits or behaviors, forge a new path, having a network or Tribe of huggable, human friends to sit and brainstorm with is priceless and so powerful!

Sacred Relationships are now more important than ever. It's imperative to connect with your primary love relationship in deeper, more profound ways than ever before.

Singles, and everyone else for that matter, must connect with family, close friends, and other like-minded people to form support groups, centers of support, and other 'go-to' resources. Some of those resources are church affiliations, educational programs, sustainable programs, etc. Any place you feel secure, supported, understood, and where you can contribute to this great new world we are co-creating.

We are being handed a blank canvas on which we can recreate our world, after we clear out all the old, dysfunctional paradigms.

So remember to focus on what you want, how you want to create it and seek all the help you need.

The best is yet to come, so let's do it together.

Blessings, TM

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