Sobriety with Scott

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

30 Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask An Alcoholic.

1. What's the biggest misconception about alcoholics you would like to make known?

A reminder that any age getting sober is a good age - never too young.

2. What hurts you the most about being an alcoholic in society today, if at all?


3. What's the worst thing that happened to you when intoxicated?

Loss of loved ones. Car crash.

4. Do you feel there is one way to get sober?

I'd say there is one way 99.999% of all people get sober.

5. Are drugs apart of your story?


6. What was your drink of choice?

The one available. New Castle.

7. What age were you when you realized you were an alcoholic, if ever?


8. Why and how do you believe looking back you were able to get sober?

Taking a leap of faith in desperation. Hoping the people in AA could help me. Also God.

9. What has the transformation been like for you?

The best / most interesting / most difficult thing I've ever done.

10. What has surprised you the most in sobriety?

That God is real and continues to work in my life.

11. What are the benefits of being sober?

Everything. Family, God, Career, Health.

12. Define fun now compared to when you were drinking:

Pursuing goals and working through challenges with some degree of happiness, inspiration and content. Compared to avoiding all of the interests and goals that life has to offer in order to escape life with alcohol.

13. What age do you think we need to start conversations with kids about alcoholism?

Everyone varies but 8 sounds good!

14. Do you believe more preventative work needs to be done as a community with our youth?

Judging the epidemics in our country involving substance abuse I'd say yes.

15. Do you believe there is an unfair stigma around addiction?


16. Do you think anonymity is the way to go? Or do you wish you could help more by being open about your journey?

Yes to both questions.

17. Any advice for judges and sentencing?

I'd suggest to give programs or lowest sentence possible every time.

18. Do you think you 'became' an alcoholic or you were born one, and why?


19. What lasting impression stands out the most about your alcoholism?

(No comment)

20. What helped you the most early in recovery when you were still having cravings?

The Fellowship.

21. Do you miss anything about alcohol and why?

Yes - warm feeling, care free attitude, camaraderie.

22. When you stopped drinking did you pick up another addiction?


23. What was it? Are you dealing with it still?


24. Do you hang out with others who still drink?

Not often and not for long.

25. Do your family members drink?


26. Do you believe your environment at home plays a part in your sobriety?


27. Do you partake in fun non-alcoholic drinks in fun glassware?


28. Would you partake in a cool sober bar venue with food, beverages and music if it were available?


29. What words of advice would you like to give someone who is still suffering with alcoholism?

Myself and others are here to help if you ever want it.

30. What's the best way to help an alcoholic who doesn't want help?

Refer to #29 :)

Scott gave consent to share his first name. He chose to share his story by questionnaire and directed his portrait image.

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