I literally always need new underwear. In walks Underclub!

What It Is

Underclub is a membership that you sign up for and receive underwear delivered to your door monthly!

Depending on how much you want to pay per month, you can get their 'Signature' product delivered ($12.95/mo.) or their 'Luxe' product delivered ($19.95/mo.).

They also have add-ons you can pay for like bralettes or pajamas!

You are able to skip months when you're low on cash or pay for a few months upfront.

I felt like the price point was accessible and decided to give it a go!

What I've Received So Far


I officially love Underclub! Here's why:

  • Okay let's talk anxiety for a second... It's no secret that I suffer from severe anxiety (read more here). Two major triggers for my anxiety are confined spaces and large crowds. These phobias mostly developed in college for me and I'm working hard to shift my relationship with these experiences so to not react anxiously. So although small trips to the mall or the market may be simple for some, these situations would be very difficult for me at times. I didn't know how busy the stores would be, if I would have to wait in a line, if a stranger would enter my personal space - all of the 'what if's' start to circulate. Other days I would have no problem at all and would hit all of my errands with ease and confidence! Anxiety is weird that way. But on the bad days, when I just can't make it to the mall, I am grateful for services like Underclub. It cuts out that tedious errand of buying new underwear, because every month you are adding to your supply. Having my underwear delivered just gives me a small sense of relief that I can skip that stressful situation. I know that the only way to tackle anxiety is to challenge it, but sometimes I just don't want to (let's be real). It can be mentally exhausting constantly pushing against your anxiety, and sometimes I just need to allow myself a mental break. So although I do still try to challenge my anxiety, I very much enjoy the small ways to avoid a possibly anxious situation.

  • I hate underwear shopping. With Underclub, you get to customize your membership so they know the style you like and the sizing that fits your body type. This way, you can skip the whole process of trying on multiple types of pairs at the store. For those of you who are like me and have a complex relationship with body image, you might enjoy the ability to try on your pair in the comfort of your own home and in lighting that you approve of! (Because I'm sorry, but why do all dressing rooms have horrible lighting?!) I love that that there isn't any pressure and you can feel more in control.

  • Who doesn't love receiving a treat in the mail? Life offers simple pleasures and one of them is receiving packages in the mail. Even though I know I bought something and I should be expecting a package, I still get so excited to come home to my purchase on my doorstep. If I'm having a bad day, sometimes this is all it takes to turn my mood around.

  • They are actually good quality. I have washed my pairs multiple times and none of them have fallen apart - yay! I used to sew all of the time and even had some repurposed vintage bags that I made and sold in local boutiques, so when I got my first pair I made sure to check out the stitching and quality of the fabric. They're actually made nicely! Underclub's website also lets you know what brands they are using if you want to do any research on what products you are receiving.

  • Honestly, they can provide a good confidence boost. If I'm feeling sort of blah, I can login to my account on Underclub and ask for my next shipment to be more sexy than practical. I can even customize it and ask for a pair that is covered in lace. When I get them in the mail, I have a cute new pair of lingerie that just makes me feel good about myself. I don't know about you, but mostly when I buy lingerie it isn't for my partner, but for me!

Extra Tips

  • Reviewing your order is key! Especially in the beginning of your membership. If your first pair isn't your style or the sizing is off, Underclub will send you a new pair for free. And as you review each order, they become more privy to your vibe and your orders fit your style more and more. I have found that I am happier with each order as they come.

  • You can gift Underclub to your friends! I am always looking for unique gift ideas and I usually scower GroupOn for cool experiences, but as of recently I am hooked on subscription boxes. Gifting Underclub to your friends is so cute and personal.

  • Underclub's Instagram is adorable and relatable (@Underclubco). I don't know about you, but I love brands with social media that are actually enjoyable and not just plugging their product. Edgy images, snarky commentary and good fashion inspo make Instagram accounts like Underclub fun to follow. (P.S. another fashion brand Instagram account I love is @NastyGal. Know any others? Tell me in the comments below!)

What Should I Try Next?

Subscription boxes are all over my social media feeds and there are too many to try. From beauty products, to wine memberships, to designer clothing rentals - there are so many options! What monthly treat should I try next? Let me know in the comments below and I'll feature your suggestions in a future review.

If you want to try Underclub, use my link to receive $5 towards your order!

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