Up Up and Away with My Little Travel Buddy

Essential oils tips for my fellow wanderlust tribe!

I love feeling empowered with my little travel buddy filled with small vials of healing liquid love.

With all the air travel I have been doing I wanted to share my tips for staying sane and healthy.

My top 8 oils to release anxiety, keep the bugs away, protect the immune system strong, sleep well, stay energized and pain free.


First up is Serenity! Oh boy where would I be without my best friend Serenity while traveling? A few deep inhales and I am feeling free of anxiety, relaxed, and can catch a few winks. Not the case in the past believe me! Serenity is the Restful blend with Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Ho Wood, Sandalwood, Marjoram, Cedarwood, and Vetiver.


Vetiver is the essential oil to use when you want to have your mind and body chill out. It is grounding and known as the oil of tranquility. It is actually a natural tranquilizer! So if you do not experience anxiety, this may not be your oil for a short trip. But a big yes for a longer trip so you can have a peaceful sleep.


Serenity and Vetiver!!

For the times you need a peaceful don’t bother me sleep on the plane. Or for the times you need sleep to get on a new time zone. Now you know about the DD!

Wanna know how I use the Dynamic Duo?

I mix 2 drops of Serenity with 1 Vetiver before getting on the plane. I drop into my palms, rub them together and on my wrists to keep smelling on the plane. I have a lava bead bracelet that I add oils to and smell throughout the flight.

Also a little dap under my nose. Take a few deep breaths from my palms and visualize how I want the flight experience to be. Perhaps a smooth ride, sitting next to someone interesting, or let’s face it no one? #honesty Feeling calm, grounded, and at my destination before I know it. The super power of visualization with essential oils and throw in a mantra or two is gold. Mine is "You are calm, safe, and supported."

The secret of applying the Dynamic Duo for a deeper sleep is where you apply it. Everything above AND on the bottoms of your feet and ear lobes. If you are like me you have your travel diffuser. Add 4 drops of Serenity and 1 of Vetiver………...lights out!


When I find my seat I get cozy and put a small drop of Peppermint and Lavender around my ears. In front and behind along the ear bone. My ears no longer feel the pressure or have the poppity pop! Ever notice on a flight when the littles cry? It is from change in the air pressure after takeoff and before landing. I want to go around and give diluted (fractionated coconut oil) drops of EO’s to them all!

For the single peeps out there. A quick drop of Peppermint in your water or on your tongue gives you fresh chatting breathe. Love in the air?! Never know!! Tell us how it all began…………

Do you feel a little "out of it" after a flight? I do! Short or long I need a little pep in my step. A quick inhale of Peppermint gets my mind sharp and ready to go. Add a drop to your water to freshen your breath and feel energized!

If it is a long flight add Grapefruit to the Peppermint for jet lag….pure magic!


Lavender is the “Everything” oil. The smell brings up such familiar memories. It is a fabulous staple for your home and for sure when you travel. It is the perfect first aid oil. It has a calming effect, healing for cuts or burns, itchy skin or rashes, insect bites, and acne.

Perfect to add in your tea to relax or for a great night’s sleep.


On Guard keeps my immune system rock steady and THE GERMS……yikes I honestly would freak out on an airplane, in the bathroom, everything you touch while traveling; tables, public bathrooms. HOT TIP: make sure to sanitize your phone if you put on tables and your purse!! The bottom of your purse to be exact. It can sit on the floor of the airport and if unfortunate……..bathroom floor.

A drop in your palms rub together and inhale. This is the best thing you can do before you fly to protect you with all the recycled air. It protects your mucus membrane inside your nose protects you from bugs and viruses.

A drop or 2 in my glass water bottle for mega immune boost. Delicious! Cinnamon, Clove, Wild Orange….yum yum!

I love my On Guard spray bottle. Super easy to use. A quick spray after the bathroom, before eating, or when you go through security in your and learn and then spritz like crazy. I use this nontoxic hand and air sanitizer through out the day!


It would be a disservice not to mention Digest Zen! For any travel. Eating on the go, getting up earlier than your body is used to, eating strange foods, anxiety held in the stomach area, heartburn, acid reflux, and get this…………runny nose! I have tried this and it is true. Ready……..a drop on your belly button. Yep it works, especially for nasal drip. Who wants nasal drip on your plane ride? Not you and not the person next to you!


Breathe is a must have for amazing respiratory support, clear breathing, and believe it or not anxiety! When we are scared, sad, or grieving we often forget to breathe. A deep invigorating inhale of Breathe open your heart chakra, airways and puts you back in your body. Put a drop in your palms, rub together and inhale. Add a drop to your chest and visualize releasing anxiety, grief, or any feeling that does not serve you.


Traveling is always an adventure but can also be a pain in the neck and back! Muscles can get so sore with all the sitting, bags on the shoulders, walking, and lack of sleep.

Deep Blue is the soothing blend. It works wonders on sore muscles and is the bomb for making your headache disappear. Put drops on your feet before a long day of walking and after before bed will change your life. You will be able to go for days without pain. Okay one request. Please do not put drops on your feet in the plane. Just don’t be that person. The mixture of Wintergreen, Blue Chamomile, Camphor, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Peppermint, and Osmanthus are excellent for relieving pain and for healing. Cool right? Not just a band aid here folks. Throw in a couple of Deep Blue Rub travel packets and you can be dancing!

Now that you have everything you need for your next adventure.

Where will you go?

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