"The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative."

~What does it feel like to be inspired? For me, it is a "feeling" I get, and its source is most definitely the heart. It is in listening and trusting the heart that gives me meaning and authenticity. The definition of "inspiration" above, says "mentally stimulated", and I would replace it with "heartfully stimulated." Living through the heart, rather than through the mind, to me, is a much more fulfilling process. The heart has a lot to say; it is where our emotions live, and it feels good to express them in all of their color, in whichever way we are inspired to do so.

~The following poems that I am sharing were a result from a "full-feeling" heart, inspired by very special people that are living and not living any longer. These feelings of inspiration come and go, and when I am tuned into my heart, they express themselves naturally because I am honoring them.


~The silence of death is near, but don’t worry

it’s just peace in the air,

the ease of the breath

the calmness of the heart

~I look out at the wondrous sunset sky

it is wide open

it welcomes you my dear

with open arms, softly waiting with so much love

~Take it in

your last breath-release

your first breath-life

~The sky has turned a brilliant pink

nature has gone to sleep

only a whisper of wind in your ear

and a soft glow upon your face

~Your eyes close in anticipation for your new day, your new place



wings in full flight

soft and soaring

~You say:

“Don’t worry, for I am free now

but never forget that I am with you

I am here

I am everywhere

I love you

I am love.”


~She thought~

She thought she was at the end of the road

her life, no longer.

She thought her lungs, deflated and shriveled,

would never be able to expand ever.

She thought her heart, scarred with cold abrasions,

could never feel warmth again.

Her eyes defeated,

blinded by sadness and failure.

But, as she arrived to the end,

a glint of bright yellow caught her eye;

she turned and saw a tiny flower,

blooming in a ragged cliff of rock.

It was calling out to her,

shouting its beauty amongst the grey wall.

The earth shook

The wind blew.

The leaves rustled.

The sun glowed bright.

The world was shifting.

The heart pulsated with warmth and love.

The eyes saw beauty and sunshine.

The lungs filled with air of encouragement and hope.

She took a long deep breath,

and blew out the ‘lost years’ of candles on her birthday cake.

The road opened up,

it was long, it was curvy, and with many hills, but when she looked to the end,

she saw a glorious meadow covered with thousands of glistening yellow flowers.

She found herself back at the beginning of the road, but it was at the same spot as the ending of the road….

And then she realized.


~Garden of Life~

She was here at Spring

Dancing with the flowers

Singing lullabies to the moon

Blowing wind upon my face

I saw the buds blooming, as they opened to the sky

Was that her?

I knew it must have been


Her heart is magic

Her love never ending,

Her light shines bright as the heavens

Though she is not in my sight,

I feel her whispers on my cheek at night

She is close

She will come out to play in the Garden of life

She will be there, on the tip of a butterflies wing

She will be the leaves that wave to me in the wind

She will be the golden glow on the horizon, after a magnificent sunset

She will be the warmth I feel in my heart, as I watch our beautiful daughter grow.

Spring is here,

laugh, play, see the beauty, feel the love.

She is everywhere.

Close your eyes and never forget

She is there in your Garden of life.


~If you feel a stirring in your heart, listen to it, feel it, and express it in whichever way comes to you. The way to the heart is through the heart. It will be okay, you'll see. ~ Much Love ~

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