Samantha Guerrero

These days, I am a new mom and a new wife living in a small mountain town at the bottom of the Sequoia National Forest in California. I sometimes don’t put on real clothes for weeks at a time and I lose my wallet at least once a week. My little family means everything to me and I spend my days cooking, baking and playing with my sweet baby girl. I wouldn’t change a thing.   


In older days, I was a kid spending my days at the beach and my evenings running around the neighborhood playing games until the streetlights went on. I was an awkward teen feeling out of place and bouncing around friend groups without ever settling into one. I was a college student studying philosophy and partying way too much. I was a student in Spain, studying cooking and cinema. I was a swim instructor, an accountant, a salesperson and a receptionist.  I was a traveler in Europe, a teacher in Spain, a hostel worker in Morocco, a waitress in India and a hostel Manager in Mexico. I was a magnet for crazy situations and the poster child for Murphy’s Law.


I love all of the experiences that I have had, good and bad. The good ones make happy memories and the bad ones make life lessons and funny stories. 


I love surfing, camping, hiking and fresh fruit and my favorite food is butter (yes, it’s a food!) 


I love learning about non-toxic living, holistic practices and researching anything baby related! 

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