Tana Marie

“How can I help?“ - that question has been the theme of my life. Always a guide, protector, troubleshooter, solution finder and shoulder that most of my friends have cried on. With that prime directive, I figured life was going to be interesting, but planned out — you know, add water and stir, right?? I started my Spiritual practice at 19, while going to college for my Design degree and working full-time concurrently. After graduation I opened my Design firm, got that going, and started into my four year Ministerial program... yes I always did several things at once! When I sold my design firm and started my spiritual work, I knew I wanted to specialize in love and romance, because love is the answer to everything.

Through my 33 year spiritual ministry I have had so many amazing experiences! Being on radio stations throughout the US and Canada, having my own radio talkshow, “Love Talk with Tana Marie“, writing 5 books, 2 screenplays, developing and presenting 18 seminars/workshops throughout the US, while maintaining a client base of private sessions that spans the globe.

What I love doing most: helping people navigate their lives and solve problems; watching the lights come on in the eyes of a client or audience when they’ve had that “aha moment“; officiating at Weddings of previous single clients, who I helped find their soulmate, marrying them, baptizing their babies and being named Godmother to their beautiful new souls! Creating and being co-owner/CEO of five small businesses/Training firms with the love of my life and Soulmate of 26 years, Robert. Recently I received a letter out of the blue from a client I worked with 27 years ago, who outlined how I had helped her and changed her life… through misty eyes, I reread her email three times — I thank you God for allowing me to do what I do!

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